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jinko panels

Jinko N Type 440w Panels

tiger neo

Jinko is a market leader when it comes to reliable brands of solar panels across the globe. Jinko has a wide range of products known as Cheetah, Tiger, and Tiger Neo. We currently offer one of the latest N Type 440w Panels to our consumers. 

trina solar

Trina Vertex Series Panels

vertex trina panels

Trina is one of the pioneers in the solar panels market. They have been in the Australian solar industry since its inception. We currently offer their All Black Vertex series to our customers. 

Qcell panels

Q.Peak Duo Series

Q.peak duo

Qcells is one of the premium brands. It is slightly expensive if you compare it to most of the mid-range panels. Qcells is known to supply very high-quality panels that are tested for harsh weather conditions. 

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